Scale Automation

At ABS we offer leading edge industrial scale automation solutions that fits all of your automation needs and SAP integration needs.  Using our scale automation you can achieve sustainable and proven efficiency improvements at a lower total cost of ownership. Our scale automation will enable you to connect SAP to any scale directly and pass scale reading to SAP, thus enabling you fulfill shipments in real-time inside SAP.


Our SAP scale automation solutions will give you the ability to create/process Bill-of-Ladings and tickets for any business scenario like sales, purchases and transfers. Scales are normally installed  loading/off-loading, terminals, load racks etc.

If your company does not use SAP, we offer a .NET based scale automation software (TMW.NET) that can be used to link with any ERP system.

Scale automation solutions can be used at single or multiple scale environment. Our scale automation solutions are offered in 2 flavors:

Using our product TMW which uses SAP Gui or BSP technologies with/without a touch screen HMI to communicate to scales in order to process shipments and Bill-of-Ladings at loading terminals.  TMW solution will enable you to use SAP for all scale automation needs thus maximizing on your SAP investment and eliminating the need to build complicated interfaces.

Using .net framework as stand lone scale automation software. This solution will interface to your existing ERP system with ease using technologies like web services or simple FTP