Coriolis Meter

A Coriolis meter is one of most accurate ways to measure mass flow rate in a pipe, the meter also measures temperature and density. Coriolis meters are available in variety of sizes from 1 mm (1/24 inch) to 240 mm (10 inches) and are used in liquid and gas measurement.  Since Coriolis meter are very accurate they are perfect for batching and blending applications. Coriolis meters are replacing differential-pressure (DP) devices, and their use in the oil & gas industry growing rapidly

Coriolis flowmeters achieve accuracy of 0.1 percent

We offer installation service of Coriolis meters of various sizes for various applications We can integrate Coriolis meters to any load automations systems for custody transfer applications

A Coriolis meter are recommended for the following applications:

Single phase homogenous flows

No vibrartions