iSite is an enterprise software solution designed and built to manage any physical site or plant in terms of:

  • Location
  • Attributes
  • Equipments and assets
  • Business partners
  • Security
  • Site local automation like RFID and microprocessors
  • Special attributes like IP address management

Currently iSite has 2 additional  industry components (IC) to adapt the iSite software to specific industries:

IC-Oil, designed for the oil and gas industry.

IC-IP, designed for telecom industry and contains an IP address module for the site.

iSite Key Features:

  • Complete site management module that can be configured to suite your needs
  • The iSite software is configurable to suite your needs
  • Complete audit history
  • Reporting capability
  • Advanced security configuration
  • Interfaces to any system like an ERP system
  • Incorporates automation like the use of RFID.

iSite License mode:

iSite is licensed per number of sites with a one-time fee plus an annual maintenance fee that includes support for all software bugs and issues.

Implementation and Delivery

The implementation of iSite requires 1-3 months depending on the level of customization. Our implenemataion service is a turnkey delivery that includes:

  • As-Is documentation
  • Customization
  • Data migration
  • Cut over and go live.



iSite is built as enterprise level web application using Microsoft technology and SQL as the database