TMW Planned Order

TMW- Planned Order is a software certified  by SAP, it runs on the SAP Netweaver environment. TMW Planned Order is designed for the following:

  • Streamline the process of taking customer orders
  • Minimize the time to take an order wheather using telephone, fax or web
  • Enable the customer service center of your organization to function fully and service your customers
  • Manage the customer relations in terms of prospect, full customer, quotes, samples, compliants, contacts tec..
  • Enable the loading process at terminal using a planned order
  • Automating many aspects of taking customer orders by special functions
  • Handle of creation all SAP documents resulting from the order
  • Tracking of customer orders all stages

Because TMW is software certified by SAP you never have to worry about SAP compatabilty issues when your SAP system is upgraded or support batches and enhancement packs are being applied

 New Order > Business Rules Validated > Approved Order > Order Faxed, Emailed tec..> Shipped Order > Invoiced Order


TMW-Planned Order Stages

TMW-Planned Order Stages

TMW-Planned order is used many industries as an Order Management Software/CRM for example Lubricants, Asphalts, and Chemicals industry.  The TMW-Planned Order can be used for any business that runs SAP  and need to streamline and simply the order management/taking process and CRM functions.

A planned order is created based on customer inquiry (telephone, fax, web, electronic message (EDI)) or based on a need to transfer product from one terminal to another.  Once  a customer places an order, that order will be created in TMW-Planned Order. You Customer Service Department will be benefit a great deal from the use of TMW-Planned Order because they will be able to respond quickly all customer needs and requests. 

Once a Planned Order is ready to be shipped based on its ship date, the Planned Order is ticketed, i.e., a Bill-of-Lading is created with reference to the Planned Order.  At this point the Planned Order is flagged as completely fulfilled.   The BOL will capture the actual quantities being shipped and it will trigger invoicing in SAP.


Order Management and Fulfillment in SAP using TMW

Order Management and Fulfillment in SAP using TMW

 Planned Order Validation/ Business Rules and Actualization.

Planned Order Validation and Business Rules

Take Advantage of These TMW Benefits:

  • Simpler and faster order taking process
  • Complete visibility of the order process from start to finish
  • Create all the SAP document automatically like sales order, deliveries etc..
  • Creates the shipping documents like Bill-of-Lading and Order Acknowledgment
  • Benefit from dramatically more accurate and faster billing
  • Optimizes your freight process and product sourcing
  • Lowers your SAP support cost
  • See with a bird’s-eye view of all order across the organization
  • Tracks your movements from planning to completion
  • Delivers tight control of credit terms
  • All your business rules can be configured in TMW and checked every time and order is placed

Features TMW Software System Comes With:

  • Enjoy quick, simple user-friendly order taking
  • Flexible and configurable solution that’s tailored to your specific needs
  • Provides clear communication with your customers, carriers, and terminals email, fax, print or electronic.
  • Allows for management of special instructions
  • Optimizes the best carrier, supply, location, and vendor, for shipment
  • Planned orders can be sent to terminals electronically
  • Supports transit time and backward scheduling
  • Offers credit check and price simulation